The World's Most Prolific Auto Stuntman - as documented by the Guinness Book of Records

close-to-the-edgeClose to the Edge


Close To The Edge is the incredible and exciting story of stunt duo Dick and Jacquie . They each tell their own story including Jacquie’s world record car leap of 232 ft. Dick tells of over 40 years of stunting, leaping and wrecking motorcycles and cars. There is not much Dick has not done on two or four wheels or mounted on four hooves! Many world records stand to his credit, which include: Riding motorcycles through tunnels of fire, performing ‘T bone dives’, driving over or through anything and everything including the upper floor of a pub, and walking away from over 2000 car crashes, which is all graphically described together with his film and television appearances.


Glamorous Jacquie De Creed recalls how she became attracted to the potentially dangerous world of stunting from starting with an all girl motorcycle stunt team to joining Dick with his all male team and together forming ‘Stuntarama’. She tells how she moved from selling car components to appearing on live Saturday night TV and making commercials for Bovril and Heinz. Her career includes riding through Dick’s ‘Tunnel of Fire’ to the ‘T bone dive’ that she performed for the Guinness Book of Records T.V. programme, which did not go quite according to plan, resulting in what is probably the most spectacular car crash ever filmed from which the female driver lived to tell the tale. This crash is on the front cover of our book, which is also illustrated with other spectacular action photographs and will be eagerly sought by Dick and Jacquie’s many thousands of fans from round the world.

# Paperback: 450 pages

# ISBN-13: 978-0-9565329-1-6